A building Inspector today has to be able to access all areas of a building to do his reporting. High rise buildings can be a real challenge. Rope access can get us to all the areas needing inspections, however getting there is one thing. Having the experience and knowledge to know what to look for is something totally different. That is why high rise building inspections are a specialty for us. We have the expertise and experience to help the building inspector or building certifier properly evaluate those difficult to reach parts of the building that require attention.

In today's world more and more inspections are needed and required. This is an area where rope access has taken over from more traditional methods like scaffolding. Due to the quick response and relatively low cost rope access is now the preferred method of access for most inspections.

Gecko Rope Access is involved in the following inspections:

Inspection TypesInspection Structures
  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
  • Thermal imaging
  • Video surveys
  • Photographic surveys
  • Coating inspection
  • Remote camera inspection
  • High rise buildings
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Antennas
  • Chimneys
  • Lift Shafts
  • Confined Spaces

All inspections come with a full report (2 copies).

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Inspections on Windows and supports
Underground Inspections
Flag Pole Inspection
Leak found during building inspection
Inspection on Oxygen liquifier
Liquid Nitrogen callibration
Definitely something missing here!
Corrosion found during inspection
NDT Tests
Powerstation Inspection
Turbine Inspection

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