Rope Access Painting for High Rise and Multi-Storey Buildings

A Flawless and Durable Facade Painted To Spec

From simple touch-ups to full-scale high rise painting, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast customers can rely on Gecko for the highest quality workmanship and professionalism. Our Dulux accredited technicians paint to spec every time so you can be confident that you’ll get exactly what you paid for.

Abseil painting is ideal for high rise buildings and structures with complex access requirements – and the jobs that seem impossible are the ones we love the most! Using the latest rope access systems, painting building exteriors is safer, faster and less disruptive than traditional methods requiring scaffolding and heavy machinery. No matter how high your building is or how difficult access may be, our experienced rope access painters have the technical skill and expertise to paint any façade with precision. 

Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Too many tenders fail to specify that at project completion, the client will engage a 3rd party to perform dry film thickness (DFT) testing to confirm the building is painted to the specifications. Failing to do so can compromise visual appeal, durability, and even the structural integrity of the building. 

3rd party DFT testing provides very cheap insurance that the painting service you paid for has been carried out exactly as specified. Gecko Rope Access has never failed a DFT test.